In March 2023, HMRC introduced a significant change to the VAT treatment of Local Authority Leisure Services that now classifies them as non-business supplies for VAT purposes.

Many local authorities are grappling with the extent of the change and how to ensure they seize this opportunity for a refund and future savings.

PSTAX’s team of experts can support you to manage the revised VAT treatment.

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How we can help you manage your Local Authority’s Leisure Services

PSTAX can help local authorities conduct the necessary review of leisure services operations to maximise the opportunities from the revised VAT treatment. Our expert advisors will guide you through the change to HMRC’s policy ensuring you comply with the new rules.

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Our Approach

The PSTAX VAT technical team has a deep understanding of the specific tax issues that public sector bodies face, and we are committed to providing pragmatic solutions that meet your needs

  • Leisure Services Review

    Our experts will conduct a thorough review of your leisure services operations to ensure you maximise the opportunities from the revised VAT treatment.

  • Financial Analysis

    We will analyse the financial impact of the VAT changes on your leisure portfolio and assess the potential revenue uplift and support you to make informed decisions regarding future management models.

  • VAT Reclaim Assistance

    Our team will handle all aspects of VAT reclaim, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit. We will manage the process, including preparing the necessary documentation and liaising with HMRC on your behalf.

Optimise your revenue potential and VAT reclaims with support and guidance from PSTAX’s expert team

This is a unique case of an unqualified win for local authorities. Not only will your council benefit from the majority of leisure income being VAT-free, but also costs related to leisure services will still be fully recoverable. Local authorities can also make a one-off refund claim for VAT they have overpaid to HMRC in the last four years.

PSTAX is the VAT and tax advisor to over 250 local authorities, and we have been helping many with the leisure services changes and the four-year refund claims they are due.

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