The VAT Calculator can be used as an aid for compiling sales invoices, as a tool for checking the accuracy of purchase invoices, or for identifying the VAT element of a VAT inclusive value.

To use the VAT Calculator enter the VAT rate, an amount then select either the Gross, Net or VAT value where indicated. The VAT Calculator will then work out the missing values.

Calculate Gross, Net and VAT

Historic VAT Rates

01 April 197328 July 197410%
29 July 197417 June 19798%
18 June 197931 March 199115%
01 April 199130 November 200817.5%
01 December 200831 December 200915%
01 January 201003 January 201117.5%
04 January 201120%

If you receive an invoice and the VAT value differs from that suggested by the VAT Calculator, the invoice is not necessarily wrong. There are a number of legitimate reasons why there may be a difference:

The net or gross figure entered into the calculator may include exempt or zero-rated items.

When the invoice was produced a different method of rounding may have been used when calculating VAT.

In this case the VAT value should not differ by more than £0.01 unless the VAT is calculated on an item by item basis in which case the difference should be no more than £0.01 multiplied by the number of items.

If you have identified a discrepancy in an invoice and none of the above reasons apply please contact us and we will review it for you free of charge.

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