Our VAT team at PSTAX is experienced and accessible, consisting of individuals who work with local government clients on a daily basis. Our approach is to use highly experienced staff who know and understand the sector and the VAT and tax issues applicable to it. We work in an open, collaborative and productive manner, while providing independent and impartial service. Our team members are always enthusiastic and diligent; they share the details of their work with each other on a regular basis.

Our aim is always to provide value for money. In addition to our helplines, we provide our clients with first rate consultancy advice and assistance to ensure continued compliance with the relevant statutory requirements as well as seeking opportunities to keep tax liabilities and costs to an acceptable minimum.

We have also assisted many large local authorities undergoing taxation reviews by HMRC, whether these are VAT or Employment Taxes-specific or, as is more commonly the case recently, joint reviews of both taxes.

We have been providing comprehensive advice on indirect taxes to public sector bodies for over 12 years and are renowned for being one of the leading local authority sector advisory firms in the UK.

We believe that it is our experienced team and quality of service that has led to our large local government and public sector client base, with well over 100 clients actively using our services.