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Our IR35 eLearning modules have been specifically designed to help Local Authorities and other public sector organisations with their training requirements.

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During this training, which should take around 50 minutes to complete, you will develop an understanding of HMRC’s off-payroll working rules, when they apply and the steps that should be followed if they do.

Although off-payroll working refers to arrangements involving an intermediary, this module will also provide you with a basic understanding of the employment status rules. The principles that apply when determining whether an individual should be treated as an employee, rather than self-employed, are fundamental to understanding the off-payroll working rules.

During the training module there are some questions to confirm your understanding of each of the sections covered. At the end of the module, there are ten questions for you to answer of which you will need to answer eight correctly to pass the training.

This IR35 eLearning will cover the following:

  • How to navigate through the course
  • Introduction
  • Engagement types
  • Do the rules apply?
  • Basic principles of employment status
  • Applying the rules
  • Actions required
  • Summary and conclusions
  • Test – ten questions randomly selected (70% pass mark)

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