Empower Your Team with Comprehensive In-House Training

Councils face unique challenges when managing employment status for schools, considering the complexities of self-employment and Off-Payroll Working (IR35).


PSTAX has introduced specialised in-house training tailored for education authorities, to provide the knowledge and strategies essential for maintaining proactive compliance in schools.


Public bodies, especially education authorities, are increasingly at risk of Employment Taxes scrutiny. With rising activity from HMRC’s Employment Status & Intermediaries team and the dedicated Off-Payroll Working team focusing on IR35 cases, it’s crucial to strengthen your position by enhancing your understanding of the consequences of non-compliance, and how to mitigate them.

Schools have particular concerns with the employment status of:

  • Music Teachers
  • Sports coaches
  • Counsellors
  • Educational Psychologists
  • IT workers

This training course will better equip schools to understand the key risks and necessary steps to follow in engaging such workers.

Why Choose In-House IR35 Training?

  • Customised Learning: Tailored content focused on the specific needs and challenges of schools.
  • Cost-Effective: Fixed fee training, making it an economical choice for training multiple attendees across schools in your authority.
  • Practical Application: Insights and strategies directly relevant to your organisation’s context.

Equip your schools’ teams with the latest insights and practical strategies to manage risks effectively. Stay one step ahead of HMRC’s increasing scrutiny without waiting for compliance issues to surface.

IR35 Training Highlights

  • Offsetting Liabilities: Leverage the opportunity to offset liabilities involving intermediaries (IR35) starting from April 2024.
  • HMRC Campaigns: Stay updated on the latest developments with the HMRC Employment Status & Intermediaries team and their targeted campaigns in the public sector.
  • CEST Tool Mastery: Avoid common mistakes and ensure accurate and compliant use of the Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool.
  • Compliance Obligations: Delve into the finer points of IR35 rules to ensure your organisation follows all specific obligations correctly.

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