Local Authority Housing Seminar

Local Authority Housing Seminar

In November 2017 PSTAX and Wilkins Kennedy ran two seminars in Norwich and London looking at Tax Risks and Opportunities for Local Authority Housing Companies (“LATCs”) and other alternative delivery models (“ADMs”).

Each topic covered sessions on why tax considerations for LATCs and ADMs are different to local authorities, and why it is important to do something about it.  What the key Corporation Tax considerations are as well as the key VAT and SDLT implications when setting up and operating a LATC or ADM.

This is a new area for many of our clients and the seminars were very well attended; please see a selection of feedback comments from the day.

“Very useful for those lacking commercial experience”

“Made me realise how little I knew about this”

“Lots of food for thought, highlighted issues not previously considered”

“Bringing together the various different threads of taxes into a context position was very helpful”

Due to the importance and current relevance of this topic to our clients we are going to repeat the seminar again on 13th February 2018.  If you are interested in attending, please click here