Please find below details of our upcoming seminars.  Click on the topic of your choice where you will find full venue details and booking information.

Employment Taxes Seminars

Emergency Vehicles 25.05.2021 Seminar
Construction Industry Scheme 27.05.2021 Seminar
Construction Industry Scheme 10.06.2021 Seminar
Off-Payroll Working 24.06.2021 Seminar
Off-Payroll Working 07.07.2021 Seminar
Employer Cost Savings & Employee Benefits 16.09.2021 Seminar
Payrolling Benefits 05.10.2021 Seminar
Agile working 13.10.2021 Seminar
Employer Cost Savings & Employee Benefits 2.11.2021 Seminar
Tax Risk 23.11.2021 Seminar
Payrolling Benefits 11.01.2022 Seminar
Tax Risk 26.01.2022 Seminar
Agile working 10.02.2022 Seminar
Payrolling Benefits 01.03.2022 Seminar


Trading Companies Seminar

Local Authority Trading Companies Taxation Challenges for 2020 PSTAX Seminar 11 December 2019 RAF Club, London PSTAX and Wilkins Kennedy invite you to this Seminar, which will explore the taxation challenges for local authority companies now and in the post-Brexit era. In recent years the landscape for local government service delivery has changed to increasingly include outsourcing and revenue-generating structures to meet the needs […]

The VAT Domestic Reverse Charge (“DRC”)

The VAT Domestic Reverse Charge (“DRC”) on construction services for Local Authorities, their companies, joint ventures, and social enterprises. On 1 October 2020, there will be a major change in the way local authorities, the NHS, and their associated companies must deal with VAT on construction services.  Officers will need a knowledge of both VAT […]