Payroll Workshop

In the last few months, we have received several questions on how pay awards are processed following the end of industrial action; the impact of a large pay bill on an employer in a pooled PAYE scheme and the Apprenticeship Levy, and how changes to payroll structures, perhaps following a local government re-organisation, can affect existing NIC aggregation arrangements.

We know the importance of payroll and understand the issues that applying policy decisions can sometimes have on payroll processing and payroll software. Whoever invented the phrase ‘unintended consequences’ probably worked in payroll!

We believe that there are huge advantages if we come together and share experiences, especially as HMRC struggle to answer their own helplines. The idea behind the Payroll Workshop is to harness our collective experiences and learn from one another.

If you want to talk about

  • The difference between processing backdated pay awards and processing pay arrears
  • what is the impact on Pensions
  • what happens when an employer in a pooled PAYE scheme has a pay bill of more than £3m
  • aggregating NICs for employees with more than one job or where there’s a different pay reference period
  • when is the Employers allowance (NIC) available

or anything else payroll -related, please join us on Tuesday 3rd October between 10.00 and 12.00. Some content will be in the form of a presentation but we will allocate a large amount of the session for open Q&A.

We recommend this Workshop to all PSTAX clients and contacts and particularly to staff with responsibility for managing and processing payrolls.

  • The Workshop will start at 10.00am, finishing no later than 12.00pm
  • The cost of the Workshop is £165 plus VAT for PSTAX Club subscribers and £195 plus VAT for other delegates.
  • There is a 10% discount for your second delegate and a 30% discount for your third.
  • If you book and subsequently find that you cannot attend, please email
  • Please confirm your bookings as soon as possible.

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