We are often asked to support clients who are in the midst of an HMRC NMW audit.  Whilst we can provide support, this is often too late to be able to rectify any NMW issues and clients are faced with a long drawn-out NMW audit, arrears of pay, penalties (200% of the arrears) and potential naming and shaming. We would always promote the approach of carrying out a self-review prior to this to enable all issues to be solved in advance of any HMRC NMW audit.

We will take you through what a typical HMRC NMW audit involves and the areas they focus on. This will prepare you, should HMRC select you for a review or an employee makes a complaint that instigates an HMRC NMW audit. This will involve us sharing some war stories and common pitfalls employers fall foul of, often inadvertently when dealing with what is outdated NMW legislation. We will look at the costs and wider implications of getting your NMW compliance wrong. HMRC appear to have started to look at the public sector and their NMW compliance recently as we have a few clients undergoing reviews, so this should be a very timely event!

This event is being held free of charge.