Care Contract Novation Session

Every day, local authorities in England and Wales are receiving requests to novate their contracts with care providers. This is not a decision to be taken lightly and poses risks to VAT, Procurement, Commissioning, and Legal teams alike.

Faced with staff shortages and significantly rising costs, care providers are looking for efficiencies to stay afloat. VAT is one area of cost to providers as they generally cannot reclaim it. But by novating their council contracts and making their supplies VATable, it unlocks their entitlement to reclaim VAT.

Because of the risks involved in the proposed contract novations, councils should only agree to any restructuring of contracts following a stringent due diligence process.

On Thursday 25 January 1pm – 2pm PSTAX and Sharpe Pritchard join forces to offer holistic advice on this pressing theme with a free, solutions-focused 1-hour online session.

Topics Covered in the Care Contract Novation Session:

  • Background to care contract novation
  • Legal and Tax Risks
  • Due diligence – how we can help

The session is free of charge, and there will be a Q&A.

Alternative dates:

Book 20 February 11am-12pm 

Book 20 March 2pm-3pm