Care Contract Novation Session

Following the popularity of our Care Contract Novation seminars, we are hosting more sessions to ensure all relevant stakeholders can attend, to support communication and a unified understanding between councils.

Local authorities across England and Wales are still grappling with provider requests for contract restructuring, seeking to navigate the complex interplay of VAT, procurement, commissioning, and legal considerations.

With rising costs and workforce pressures persisting, care providers see novation as a potential lifeline. By restructuring council contracts and making their supplies VATable, they can unlock valuable VAT reclaim opportunities.

However, venturing into novation requires careful consideration of the associated risks. To mitigate these risks and ensure a successful outcome, local authorities must prioritise meticulous due diligence.

Join PSTAX and Sharpe Pritchard on 20 March at 2pm for a free, action-oriented seminar:

Topics covered in the Care Contract Novation Session:

  • Background to care contract novation
  • Tax, legal, procurement, and regulatory risks
  • Due diligence – how we can help

The session is free of charge, and there will be a Q&A session to address your specific concerns.