Care Contract Novation Session

Following the popularity of our Care Contract Novation seminars, we are hosting more sessions to ensure all relevant stakeholders can attend, to support communication and a unified understanding between councils.

The pressure on local authorities to manage increasing care costs amidst VAT complexities remains high. As more care providers explore contract novation to unlock VAT reclaim potential, join PSTAX and Sharpe Pritchard on 20 February at 11am for a free, informative session delving into this critical topic.

We invite you, your legal, procurement, and commissioning colleagues, and the councils you work with in your region, to join us for this session on effectively managing risk and understanding the VAT and legal implications of novation.

Topics covered:

  • Background to care contract novation
  • Legal and Tax risks
  • Due diligence – how we can help
  • Q&A and expert insights

Alternative date:

Book 20 March 2pm-3pm