Our flagship membership programme offers a variety of taxation benefits to the public sector.

The PSTAX Club membership annual subscription provides:

  • VAT, Employment Taxes and SDLT helpline
  • Two places at our thrice yearly VAT and Employment Tax forums
  • Discounted consultancy – at least 10% off our standard hourly rate of £225
  • Two half-day “catch-up” meetings to review progress and discuss future developments
  • Technical briefings – providing an in-depth commentary on topical issues

If purchased separately this range of benefits would cost in excess of £5,000. A PSTAX Club subscription represents outstanding value at £3,350 per annum.

Benefits of our PSTAX Club Membership

  • Unrivalled support

    Access to a market-leading team of experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals who can provide support with all aspects of tax compliance.

  • Competitive pricing

    Receive discounts on a variety of tax-related services, including tax preparation, consulting, and training.

  • Exclusive content and training

    Our members enjoy access to exclusive content, including seminars, Forums, updates and events.

The PSTAX Helpline

Our dedicated helpline and email service provides our clients with high-quality support and advice across VAT, Employment Tax and Land Taxes (SDLT). We continuously invest in state-of-the-art software to enable us to deliver intuitive, speedy responses to our Helpline clients.

VAT and Employment Taxes Forums

Members of PSTAX Club will have incomparable access to current information and relevant updates on taxation matters every year with up to two catch-up meetings, regular and frequent technical briefings and the opportunity for two officers to attend six Forums.

  • Forums (VAT and Employment Taxes): £400 for one delegate
  • VAT Forums only: £250 for one delegate
  • Employment Taxes Forums only: £250 for one delegate

Upcoming In-Person Forums

Upcoming online Forums

Consultancy Hours

Our consultancy charges are £225 per hour, excluding VAT. However, back by popular demand, we are pleased to offer pre-paid consultancy hours packages to support your PSTAX Club subscription. The package consists of 30 discounted consultancy hours to use how you wish throughout your contract period. If you need to top-up your hours during the period of your contract, additional hours can be bought at the same price.

Annual Hours

30 – £5400 (£180 p/h)

Linked-Bodies Discount

Receive 15% off your subscription price if you join PSTAX Club with a linked public sector organisation and 30% if you join with two others – (plus VAT).

PSTAX Club Brochure 2024-25

  • "I personally think the service provided is extremely good. I have used PSTAX as advisors on a few different areas of taxation over a number of years and always found them easy to talk to, they treat me with respect and as an equal when I ask questions which gives me confidence to challenge and support decisions made by managers at our council to give us the best outcome when tax planning."

  • "We recently subscribed to PSTAX and have found the service to be invaluable. Queries are dealt with promptly and responses are always straight forward and easy to understand. It is reassuring to know advice is on the end of an email and we have saved valuable time as the need to extensively research employment tax has greatly reduced."

  • "The staff are always helpful and never make me feel as though I am wasting their time or being a nuisance with queries, which to them may be very straight forward. I often use the Helpline service to confirm my understanding of a VAT query, which is so much quicker, easier and more reliable than relying on my own research. "

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