VAT Insights and Highlights from the SLCC Finance Summit

Over 180 local council delegates attended the SLCC Finance Summit last week. This opportunity to engage with the latest advice and guidance relating to finance also shone the spotlight on VAT. During his two-hour VAT session, Richard Strevens, PSTAX Principal Indirect Taxes Consultant, shared valuable insights into the evolving landscape of VAT and the newfound opportunities it presents for local councils.

Richard Strevens, author of Town and Parish Councils VAT Guide, championed the recent partnership between the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) and PSTAX, aimed at delivering enhanced VAT support services to local council bodies via the flagship helpline, PSTAX Club.

Richard’s session proved to be very well received, not only demystifying the intricacies of VAT but also garnering accolades and sparking much interest among attendees.

Jane Johnston (Llandrindod Wells TC) hailed the session as the “Best session for many years”. This sentiment was echoed by Sam Payne (Aston Clinton PC), who commented, “It was really interesting and enjoyable”.

The responses and shared valuable feedback underlined the session’s significance. Participants expressed gratitude for the insights they gained during Richard’s VAT session, emphasising its importance in their financial planning.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the feedback:

  • “I found the session on VAT very good indeed as it provided me with the basics and clarification on the recent legal change in an easy-to-understand way.”
  • “I most enjoyed the VAT session as this is a tricky subject, and a basic understanding of this is relevant to all councils.”
  • “Richard Strevens was excellent and very patient with those who didn’t know a great deal about the subject.”
  • “PSTAX’s Richard Strevens was excellent, his explanations were clear, the pace of delivery was great and he took time to answer lots of questions.”
  • “VAT session was informative and provided guidance around topical and recent changes. Also provided a platform for questions to be raised.”
  • “VAT Session – Engaging and very knowledgeable speaker.”
  • “The VAT session was very helpful as was the financial planning session.”

In a field that is often complex, the session proved that with the proper guidance and expertise, VAT can be an engaging and essential topic for local councils seeking financial proficiency. The exemplary feedback from attendees stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Richard Strevens and PSTAX in making VAT not just accessible but also interesting and exciting.

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Richard Strevens

Written by Richard Strevens

Richard has been specialising in public sector VAT for over 25 years. Having worked for District and London Borough Councils for a combined period of 21 years, Richard moved to the private sector accounting firm BDO in 2007, before joining PSTAX in March 2009.

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