NHS Payroll Conference: National Minimum Wage, Salary Sacrifice & Building Connections

NHS Payroll Conference – NLW, Salary Sacrifice, and HMRC Scrutiny

PSTAX recently attended the NHS Payroll conference in Kendal, and it was a resounding success!  This event provided a fantastic platform to connect with NHS payroll professionals and discuss the challenges and opportunities they face. Here are some key takeaways and insights our Employment Taxes Consultants, Tim Bridgett and Christine Robinson gleaned from the conference.

Raising Awareness and Building Connections

The conference served as a valuable opportunity to showcase our services and raise awareness of PSTAX among NHS payroll professionals. Engaging with delegates through informative discussions and participating in the sponsor card draw were excellent ways to build connections and demonstrate how PSTAX Employment Team is a trusted resource for the NHS payroll community.

National Minimum Wage and Salary Sacrifice: A Hot Topic

The biggest area of concern for NHS payroll professionals revolved around the National Living Wage (NLW) and its interaction with salary sacrifice schemes. Notably, there was a heightened awareness of increased HMRC activity in this area.  Many delegates expressed confusion regarding the impact of salary sacrifice schemes,  particularly Vivup’s Home Electronics scheme, on NLW calculations. Tim and Christine engaged in numerous discussions with attendees and representatives from Vivup to address these concerns. We’ll be following up soon with detailed NMW/NLW information for those with a strong interest in finding solutions to the interplay between NMW/NLW and salary sacrifice schemes.

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Membership Benefits for NHS Payroll Professionals

We were also excited to promote our NHS Club membership at the conference. This exclusive membership programme offers NHS payroll professionals a range of valuable benefits, including:

  • Discounted rates on our services, such as payroll training, consultancy, and software solutions.
  • Regular updates on the latest NHS payroll regulations and guidance.
  • Access to exclusive resources like webinars, templates, and whitepapers.
  • A dedicated support network of NHS payroll professionals.

By joining PSTAX NHS Club, payroll professionals gain access to the support, resources, and expertise needed to navigate the ever-changing NHS payroll landscape.

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Looking Forward with the NHS

The NHS Payroll Conference provided a valuable platform for us to connect with NHS payroll professionals and understand their current challenges.  By staying at the forefront of NMW/NLW and salary sacrifice developments, we can continue to provide NHS trusts with the support they need to ensure compliant and efficient payroll processes and look forward to further supporting them through our services and NHS Club membership.

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Tim Bridgett

Written by Tim Bridgett

Tim started his career in tax working for ten years with HM Revenue & Customs as an Employer Compliance Officer. He left HMRC to join the profession in 1998 and worked for PwC (then Coopers and Lybrand), covering all aspects of employment taxes, including public sector advisory work with the CIPFA tax service. He then moved to RSM (then Bentley Jennison) in 2006, working with the very successful authoritas public sector team, before finally joining the employment tax team in PSTAX in June 2017.

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