Operating under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) can be complex and potentially costly. With errors in CIS compliance being all too common, seeking professional advice is highly recommended.

At PSTAX, we specialise in providing comprehensive CIS reviews to help your organisation navigate the intricacies of HMRC’s CIS legislation and ensure compliance while mitigating risks.

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Our Step-by-Step Approach to CIS Reviews

To assist you in achieving CIS compliance, we propose the following steps as part of our comprehensive CIS review service:

1. Question and Answer Session

We will conduct a thorough discussion to understand your current CIS policies and procedures. This includes topics such as engaging new subcontractors, employment status checks (including IR35), CIS verifications, making CIS tax deductions, and submitting CIS300 monthly returns to HMRC and statements to subcontractors.

2. Document Review

Once you provide us with the necessary information, we will meticulously review your written CIS policies, sample CIS300 returns, statements, copies of invoices, construction contracts, and more.

3. Focus on Legislative Changes

Our review will concentrate on subcontractors engaged in the period April 2022 to March 2023, ensuring compliance with the legislative changes introduced from April 2021.

4. Purchase Ledger (PL) Invoice Spot Checks

We will perform a “spot check” on your purchase ledger invoices to identify any subcontractors omitted from the records. If relevant information is already available from ongoing projects, we will utilise the data we hold to streamline the process.

5. Labour Cost Review

We will examine a sample of “split invoices” that include both labour costs and materials. We will also assess how your organisation estimated the labour element for invoices without a clear labour/material split.

Comprehensive CIS Report and Recommendations

Upon completion of the CIS review, we will provide you with a concise, bullet-point-style written report. This report will highlight potential CIS tax and related liabilities, accompanied by our expert recommendations for any corrective actions that may be necessary. This may include bespoke in-house training for the relevant staff either at high level and/or a full, detailed course.
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