Off-Payroll Working (or ‘IR35’) e-Learning Training Modules 


We are very excited to announce the official launch of our e-Learning training modules covering off-payroll working, which are now available to buy. Working alongside our software partners, Nimble, we have invested a significant amount of time creating two training modules to help public sector bodies manage their risks in this important area of tax compliance. 

Why is this so important?

The April 2021 changes to the off-payroll working rules (still known by many as ‘IR35’) and the high-profile cases involving government departments paying £multi-million settlements to HMRC have, once again, brought the issue of IR35 and employment status generally into sharp focus.

It is vital that public bodies are fully aware of their obligations and that those responsible for engaging workers on off-payroll terms better understand how to manage the risks and the implications for getting it wrong. The importance of being able to demonstrate to HMRC that ‘reasonable care’ has been taken cannot be overstated.  By giving key staff access to an e-Learning training course on this key topic, public bodies will be able to increase knowledge and awareness throughout their respective organisations and better satisfy HMRC’s demanding requirements.

What does the e-Learning cover?

There are two modules. Module 1 covers the principles of IR35 and employment status, when and how the rules apply, and the actions required by public bodies to help them get it right. Module 2 is specifically about the HMRC online tool – Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) – and how to interpret the questions asked to help ensure that the answers given are accurate and the outcomes can be relied upon. We recommend that public bodies purchase the modules together and offer them to all their hiring managers.

An outline of each course can be found here

Please note that each requires the individual to take a test at the end with a score of 80% required to pass the training.

How does the set-up and access work?

  1. To purchase the training modules, you simply tell us by email the number of staff to be enrolled on to each module. This determines the initial cost to be invoiced.
  2. At the point of invoice, we will give you access to Nimble’s Client Management system. You will appoint your internal administrator for the system, and we would also have access. We would be happy to provide any necessary training so that you can understand and benefit from the system’s full functionality.
  3. Essentially, you (the client administrator) would nominate the individuals that you want to take the training and provide their e-mail addresses. Once enrolled, access to the modules would be provided. You should note that access is only available for a maximum six-month period, as this ensures that the modules do not become out of date. The administrator would be able to see from the system who had opened the modules, who had undertaken and completed the training, and who had passed it.
  4. If any client would like to enrol further staff members on to the modules, they simply provide access, via email enrolment, to as many of their staff as they feel it appropriate. PSTAX would be able to see the details of the additional names added and we would simply invoice based on the number of enrolments listed.

How much do the modules cost?

The pricing structure is based upon the number of orders, with discounts available for larger orders and PSTAX Club members, as follows:

  • Per Module price (fewer than 100 orders) £29.40 standard and £25.00 for Club subscribers
  • Per Module price (100+ orders and fewer than 500 orders) £26.50 standard and £22.50 for Club subscribers
  • Per Module price (500+ orders) £23.80 standard and £20.00 for Club subscribers

To benefit from the bulk order discounts, we recommend that you order the necessary number of module enrolments from the outset. Otherwise, we can only offer the discounted rates once the 100- and 500-unit thresholds are reached.

Please note that all prices are shown exclusive of VAT.

We are interested, so what do we need to do now?

Our software provider, Nimble, has given us an ‘open access’ feature that allows you to see parts of the e-Learning modules for no charge. Please feel free to use the following link to demo the training modules:

We would kindly request that the link to open access is not shared across your organisation as there is a cost to PSTAX for each ‘hit’.

Once you have confirmed that the e-Learning meets your training objectives and have identified the number of enrolments required, please get back to us and confirm your order, as well as the name of your client administrator. We will get in touch with that person by return and set them up to use the Client Management system.

We hope you have found this note helpful but, if you are not completely sure or have any questions, please do speak to me or one of our team. We will be happy to talk you through any questions or concerns you may have.

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