Likewise, some basic VAT awareness training for those involved in invoice processing can lead to an improvement in the accuracy of VAT coding.

We are able to offer training to your staff at all levels. Like all the services we provide, training courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of your authority and your staff.

Please use our ‘contact us‘ tab to discuss how we can help and to set up an initial meeting, which is both free and without obligation.


Employment Taxes Training Programme

We are also pleased to announce our brand new programme of employment taxes courses. Please click on the relevant topic below for further details, dates and booking information.

Termination payments 08.02.2022 Training
Off-Payroll Working/Employment Status 16.02.2022 Training
Expenses & benefits/OpRA 17.02.2022 Training
Construction Industry Scheme 16.03.2022 Training

VAT Training Programme

These online training events are specifically designed for section 33 bodies such as local authorities, police forces, and fire and rescue services.

Modules last a maximum of three hours, presented though Teams, and are designed to be as interactive as possible, and we will keep quite low the number of delegates per module. While we can never reproduce the interaction of in-person training, limiting delegate numbers will help.


Introduction to VAT P1  07.02.2022 am
Introduction to VAT P1  15.02.2022 pm
Introduction to VAT P2  08.02.2022 am
Introduction to VAT P2  16.02.2022 pm
Introduction to VAT P3  09.02.2022 am
Introduction to VAT P3  17.02.2022 pm
Land & property P1   10.02.2022 am
Land & property P1   21.02.2022 pm
Land & property P2  11.02.2022 am
Land & property P2  22.02.2022 pm
Land & property P3  18.02.2022 am
Land & property P3  23.02.2022 pm
Partial exemption P1  14.02.2022 am
Partial exemption P1  24.02.2022 pm
Partial exemption P2  15.02.2022 am
Partial exemption P2  25.02.2022 pm


To get the most from the training we recommend the following approach.

  • If you are new to VAT, Introduction modules 1 and 2 must be taken in order, with module 3 being optional at this stage in your learning
  • For more experienced delegates or those who have had introductory training in the last two years, VAT Introduction module 3 may be taken as a singular module
  • Land and property modules are stand-alone and can be taken together or singly
  • For partial exemption, both modules must be taken, and in order. This is because they are dependent on each other
  • Delegates will gain more from the partial exemption modules if they have also attended Land and Property 2

To book a place please contact quoting your purchase order number. The cost of the training is £210 per module for PSTAX Club subscribers and £250 per module for other delegates. There is a 10% discount for bookings of three or more places.