This VAT course begins with a brief recap of PSTAX’s earlier courses, Introductions to VAT: The Essentials Parts 1 & 2. Building on this recap, the course then provides a much more in-depth look at the more complex areas discussed throughout these sessions, including references to both EC and UK VAT case law. This allows the course to take a step outside of the theory to understand how VAT is interpreted in the real world.

It takes a fresh look at VAT issues, covering a wide range of topics including:

  • History of EU and UK VAT law
  • Business/non-business and relevance to Section 33 bodies
  • Supply and consideration
  • VAT Exemption
  • Bad Debt Relief
  • Supplies of goods and services – outside the UK
  • Imports and VAT treatment

Please note that this is not a definitive list and is subject to variation depending on recent developments.

The course would benefit:

  • those with day-to-day responsibility for VAT management but require further training
  • Finance officers and service accountants
  • those with senior management responsibility for the VAT function

The cost of this training course is £210 plus VAT for PSTAX Club subscribers and £250 plus VAT for other delegates. There is a 10% discount for more than one booking.

If you book and subsequently find that you cannot attend, please email

Please confirm your bookings as soon as possible. If you wish to train more than six staff you may like to consider an in-house training course.