Employment Status

September 25, 2018
Half Day

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    This course considers the fundamental principles of employment status and how these have evolved over decades of tax and employment case law to form the basis for making decisions on whether workers may be paid gross or under deduction of PAYE and NIC.

    We will consider the full spectrum of ‘payee’ from office holders to managed service companies and everything in the middle – covering an employer’s tax and NIC related obligations when making payments to each specific entity.

    Through the use of case studies, we will aim to achieve a deeper understanding of the tests of employment status, such as personal service/substitution, control, financial risk and mutuality of obligation and the relevance of each of these tests in specific situations.

    We will also consider the ongoing review by Government to seek to address the challenges faced by the changes in modern working practices and the apparent mismatch between status from an employment law and tax perspective and what may need to be done to address that.

    The course will also include a review of the key principles set out in the HMRC Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool including the important recent updates reflecting tax case law developments.

    We recommend this training course for those involved in engaging workers, namely HR and Procurement, as well as those responsible for making decisions about status within the organisation.

    The training sessions will start at 10.00 , finishing no later than 1.00pm

    The cost of each half day course is £155 plus VAT per delegate. PLEASE NOTE this is reduced to £135 plus VAT per delegate for PSTAX Club members. Organisations booking three or more places will receive a 10% discount. 

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