Disabled Facilities Grants and VAT – New HMRC Campaign

HHMRC is asking councils how they treat Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) for VAT. How you answer the questions could avoid unnecessary VAT liabilities. Background We have seen letters that HMRC is sending local authorities asking several questions about DFGs and DFG administration fees. Specifically, HMRC asks: Outputs Does the council make any charge to the […]

By Louise Collier | HMRC . news . Tax News . VAT

Check if your “HMRC” email is a scam

Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated when using emails purporting to be from HMRC. Often scammers target individuals, but we are seeing organisations being targeted more and more frequently. It is important to remember that HMRC will never send notifications of a tax rebate or refund by email. Nor will it ask you to disclose personal […]

By Louise Collier | HMRC . Tax News . VAT